The Woodlands Parks

 The Woodlands is set in one the most beautiful parts of the state of Texas. One of the goals in the design of The Woodlands was to preserve as much of the natural beauty of the land for its residents to enjoy for many years to come. With that goal, many exceptional parks have been developed for you and your family's enjoyment!

The Woodlands has 121 forested parks to enjoy. There are also about 190 miles of walking and biking trails to enjoy. These trials are perfect for a walk with the family or a casual stroll by yourself.

Many of the large village parks have amenities like community swimming pools with fun water features, playgrounds for kids of all ages, tennis and basketball courts, dog parks and plenty of places for a family picnic.

 The staff at The Woodlands Realty has put together some information on the parks in The Woodlands so that when you get that new home that you desire, you will know where to go and enjoy the natural beauty that is The Woodlands.

Here are some of the bigger parks in the Woodlands:

Rob Fleming Park – When springtime comes to Texas, make a trip to the Rob Fleming Park to see the dazzling wildflowers bloom. It is a great place to take pictures of the great wildflowers or to snap a perfect family portrait. The Rob Fleming Park also has the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center with many water attractions including a lazy river to float down, two-story flume slides and many other fun water activities on a hot Texas summer day.

 Town Green Park – Located on The Woodlands Waterway in Town Center, this park will peak your child's interest with giant books that show modern day interpretations of Aesop's Fables.

Cranebrook Park – This is a park the whole family will enjoy with a large, interactive water park that will cool you during the hot summer months.

Terramont Park – This unique has many fun activities including a slide that is built into the hillside and a Frisbee golf course to test your skills.

George Mitchell Preserve – This 1700 acre preserve in Creekside Park was set up as part of the original plans of The Woodlands. It features a nature trail along Spring Creek where nature lovers will be able to walk amongst the natural trees and plants and see many animals and birds in their habitat.

Northshore and Southshore Parks – Both parks are set on Lake Woodlands giving visitors a spectacular view of the lake. There are many picnic areas, playgrounds, and fishing for all. This is also where you will see the dragon in the water that catches everyone's eye.

The Woodlands Parks by Village

Here is a list of the parks that each of the Villages in The Woodlands has to offer

The Village of Alden Bridge Parks

Acacia Park
Village of Alden Bridge
Alden Bridge Park
Alden Bridge Pool  
Alden Bridge Sports Park

Alden Place Park
Alden Place Neighborhood
Alden Trace Park
Alden Trace Neighborhood
Alden Woods Park
Terradale Neighborhood
Bethany Bend Park
Bethany Bend Neighborhood
Bluff Creek Park
Bluff Creek Neighborhood
Cottage Green Park
Cottage Green Neighborhood
Cypress Lake Park
Cypress Lake Neighborhood
Deepdale Pond Park
Deepdale Neighborhood
Evangeline Oaks Park
Evangeline Oaks Neighborhood
Gosling Pond Park
Alden Landing Neighborhood
Granite Ridge Park
Granite Ridge Neighborhood
Hollylaurel Park
Stockbridge Landing Neighborhood

Lakeside Park
Lakeside Pool
Larkwood Park
Larkwood Neighborhood
Maple Glade Park
Greenvine Neighborhood

Northway Park
Piper's Green Park
Piper's Green Neighborhood
Pleasant Hill Park
Pleasant Hill Neighborhood

Slatestone Park
Slatestone Neighborhood
Spring Hill Park
Spring Hill Neighborhood
Sundance Park
Sundance Neighborhood
Windvale Park
Windvale Neighborhood

Windvale Pool   
Wynnoak Park
Wynnoak Neighborhood

To learn more about the parks in Cochran's Crossing, please visit The Woodlands Township.

The Village of Cochran's Crossing Parks

Bear Branch Park
Bear Branch Pool   
Bear Branch Sportsfields   
Capstone Park
Capstone Neighborhood   
Cattail Park
Palmer Woods Neighborhood   
Cochran's Bend Park
Cochran's Bend Neighborhood   
Cochran's Green Park
Cochran's Green Neighborhood   
Copper Sage Park
Copper Sage Neighborhood   
Entry Lake Park
Copper Sage Neighborhood   
Forest Lake Park   
Golden Sage Park
Golden Sage Neighborhood

Hayden's Run Park
Hayden's Run Neighborhood       
Hidden View Pond Park   
Mystic Forest Park
Mystic Forest Neighborhood   
Mystic Lake Park
Mystic Lake Neighborhood   
Pachyderm Park   
Shadow Lake Marsh Experience
Shadow Lake Neighborhood   
Shadow Point Park
Shadowpoint Neighborhood   
Shadowbend Park
Shadowbend Neighborhood
Somerset Pond Park
Somerset Neighborhood

Summer Cloud Park
Summer Cloud Neighborhood   
Summer Storm Park

Turnstone Park
Turnstone Neighborhood
To learn more about the parks in Cochran's Crossing, please visit The Woodlands Township.

The Village of College Park Parks

Avalon Park
Grogan's Forest Neighborhood
Harper's Landing Park
Harper's Landing Neighborhood
Mason Pond Park
Misty Dawn Park
Harper’s Landing Neighborhood   
Tapestry Park   
Wimberly Park
To learn more about the parks in College Park, please visit The Woodlands Township.

The Village of Creekside Park Parks

Hullwood Pond Park

Jagged Ridge Park

Kayak Ridge Pond Park

Paloma Point Park
Rob Fleming Park

Timarron Park

Tupelo Park
Creekside Park Community

Wilde Creek Park
To learn more about the parks in Creekside Park, please visit The Woodlands Township.


The Village of Grogan's Mill Parks

Cokeberry Pond Park
The Retreat at Grogan’s Mill Neighborhood

Crossvine Park
Millbend Forest Neighborhood

Grogan's Point Park
Grogan's Point Neighborhood
High Oaks Park
High Oaks Neighborhood

Loggers Hollow Park
Sawmill Woods Neighborhood

Maplewood Park
Windwood Neighborhood
Mel Killian Park

Millbend Loop Linear Park

Pastoral Pond Park
Grogan’s Point Neighborhood

Sawmill Park

Sawmill Pool
Sawmill Park

Sunset Springs Park
Sunset Springs Neighborhood

Tamarac Park
To learn more about the parks in Grogan's Mill, please visit The Woodlands Township.


The Village of Indian Springs Parks

Chandler Creek Park
Chandler Creek Neighborhood

Deer Rush Pond Park
Idlewood Neighborhood

Falconwing Park

Forestgate Park
Forestgate Neighborhood

Forestgate Pool
Located in Forestgate Park in the Village of Indian Springs
Hazelcrest Park
Hazelcrest Neighborhood

Reedy Pond Park
Rushhaven Neighborhood

Rush Haven Park
Rush Haven Neighborhood

Trace Creek Park
Trace Creek Neighborhood
To learn more about the parks in Indian Springs, please visit The Woodlands Township.


The Village of Panther Creek Parks

Clover Park and Pond
Clover Park Neighborhood

Creekwood Park
Creekwood Neighborhood

Hidden Lake Park
Hidden Lake Neighborhood

Lehigh Springs Park
Havenridge Neighborhood

Long Lake Park
Split Rock Neighborhood

Meadowlake Park
Split Rock Neighborhood

Northshore Park
Rainprint Park
Creekside Neighborhood

Ridgewood Park
Ridgewood Neighborhood

Ridgewood Pool

Southshore Park

Tallowberry Park

The Cove Park
The Cove Neighborhood

Wedgewood Park
Wedgewood Forest Neighborhood
To learn more about the parks in Indian Springs, please visit The Woodlands Township.


The Village of Sterling Ridge Parks

Artist Grove Park

Bantam Woods Park
Bantam Woods Neighborhood

Black Knight Park

Bonny Branch Commons Park
Bonny Branch Neighborhood

Craftwood Park

Cranebrook Park

Cranebrook Pool
Located in Cranebrook Park

Kirkpatrick Glen Park

Marquise Oaks Park

May Valley Park
Located within the Sterling Ridge Subdivision

Montfair Park
Old Sterling Park

Pepperdale Park
Pepperdale Neighborhood

Player Bend Park

Spindle Tree Ponds Park

Spinnin Wheel Park

Spinning Wheel Park

St. Peter's Gate Park

Star Ridge Park

Terrace Mill Pond Park

Terramont Park

Winterra Park
Located in the Village of Sterling Ridge
To learn more about the parks in Sterling Ridge, please visit The Woodlands Township.


The Woodlands Town Center Parks

Central Park at Market Street

Evergreen Park
Town Center Neighborhood

Millennium Mew Park

Olmstead Park
Teddy Bear Park

The Fountains at Waterway Square

Town Green Park
To learn more about the parks in Town Center, please visit The Woodlands Township.


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