The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce

The South Montgomery County Woodlands Chamber of Commerce builds strong relationships for the business community of The Woodlands. Business people will find a very positive environment in which to business. Businesses of all sizes, from small, independent shops to major industrial facilities will benefit from the services and direction that The South Montgomery Woodlands Chamber of Commerce will provide.

One of the most beneficial features of our chamber all of the social functions where business leaders are able to gather, talk to each other, work out business opportunities together and work to develop concepts to make improvements to our community. We help business leaders improve the quality of the business environment, as well as the lives of our residents.

Our chamber has around 2000 business members and is the 2nd largest chamber in the Houston area! We have members of varying size and stage of development as members of our chamber. Some of the common reasons that businesses join our chamber are:

As a small business owner, I need help with marketing exposure and an effective way to make business contacts.
As a mid-size business that has made excellent progress in my development, I need to find an organization that will introduce me to business services that will take me to the next level.
We are a large company that has the desire to help the community that our employees live in.

Through our website, publications, directories, and member functions, you will gain valuable business contacts to help your business!

You can learn more about the services and programs that we offer by visiting our website at the South Montgomery Woodlands Chamber of Commerce.