Moving Tips to Your New Home in The Woodlands

Getting ready to move into your new home in The Woodlands is a very exciting adventure, but it comes with a lot of turmoil. There are so many details that have to be taken care of. The staff at The Woodlands Realty have put together a list of things to cover to make the move to The Woodlands as easy as possible.

Getting Organized

In order to make the move go as smoothly as possible, you should start organizing at least two months in advance. It is important that you take stock in all of the things that you need to do, set up a plan of when things need to be done and keep on track. You do not want to let all of the tasks pile up days before you move.

Get The Facts

No two moves are exactly alike and there are no specific guidelines that fit each move. You need to the special circumstances that are part of your move. Things to consider include:
  • The distance that you are moving.
  • The time of year and the weather conditions that you may face.
  • If you have certain items that are regulated and you are moving across state line, you will need to figure out how to do this.
  • If you have heirlooms, artwork or other valuable items, you will need to make sure they survive the move intact.
  • What about any pets?
  • If you have firearms, make sure that they are properly permitted for interstate or international transporting.
  • Due solid research on the moving company and any help that you are going to need. Set a budget so that all are properly paid for.
  • Set up cancellation dates on utilities and forwarding on subscriptions and other personal services.
  • Collect up medical, dental, school, legal and financial records and store them securely for the move.

Make a List

It is critical to make a well thought out list of tasks that you need to do for the move. With all of the things that will need to be taken care of, doing this task without organization is going to lead to issues during the move.

One of the wisest tips is to create a spreadsheet or get a spiral-bound notebook to write down each item and number them so that you know where everything is and where it need s to go in your new home in The Woodlands. Next to each number, you will place the contents of each box so that you can go to it easily.

Have Plenty of Supplies

One of the most common mistakes that happens during a move is the lack of boxes! Also get more boxes than you think you will need. If you get boxes from a moving company, you can always return them for a refund.

Make sure that you have around ten boxes for the last minute stuff that needs to be moved. This is where you can pack up the cleaning supplies that you use, bedding, clothing and personal supplies.

Do not buy cheap moving tape. You do not want your boxes to open up in transport and potentially damaging your valuables. Make sure that you have plenty of packing materials to secure your items for the move. We advise against using old newspapers as they can stain your valuables. Again, get more than you think and return any unused materials. You do not want to short at the last minute.

Utilize Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are perfect for storing clothing that needs to be hung, as well as comforters and pillows. Be sure not to pack wardrobe boxes with materials that are too heavy as you do not want the bottom to fall out during the move.

Use Strategy With Your Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are perfect for packing many of your items. Before you load them with your clothes, put items in the bottom that just enough to not wrinkle any of your clothes. Pack clothes in tightly so that they do not fall off hangers during the move. Place covers over the top of clothes so that they do not get dirty or dusty. On top of the clothes, you can place sweaters, purses and shoes to optimize the storage capacity of the wardrobe box.

Color Coordinate

Set up a color to put on moving boxes for each room of your home. This will help you and the movers place boxes in the appropriate rooms of your new home in The Woodlands. When the movers are unloading the truck, simply place a color on the doorway of each room so that the movers will know where to place boxes. This will ultimately help you have boxes in the rooms that they need to be. It is also helpful to put a sign in the area of the room that you want the movers to place things so that it does not get in the way of furniture that needs to be set up.

Keep Things Together

One of the most frustrating things is trying to find all of the parts that you need to set up your new rooms. One of the best tips is to put all associated parts and pieces together. For example, tape picture hooks to the back of the picture so that they will be readily available. Pack cords and adapters with stereo systems so that they are there when you need them. Small items can be packed into an envelop and taped to the item.

You can also have a box that is designated the “Parts Box” where all any loose cable, cords, pieces, etc. can be in one common place. Put this box in a central location so that it is easily accessible.

Pack Ahead

To make the moving day as smooth as possible, pack up items ahead. This will allow you to get a good jump start on moving day. Any items that you absolutely do not need can be packed early. Things like extra radios, out of season clothing, books and extra kitchenware can be prepacked.

Consolidate Cleaning Supplies

Prepare the cleaning supplies that you will need for the move. Any extra cleaning supplies should be packed up or discarded. Clean out cupboards and closets in advance and vacuum each room as the movers get done with them.

Use Your Luggage

Utilizing your luggage is a great way to pack items that you will need quickly at your new home in The Woodlands. This is a great place to pack clothing, sheets and towels. After all, it is pretty easy to spot a suitcase in a sea of moving boxes.

Safeguard Valuable Items

Anything that is of value to you should receive your special attention. Valuables like antiques, collections, silverware and anything else that has value should be moved with you if possible. If this is not possible, mark the box with a “misleading” label so as to not draw attention to it. Also check with your homeowner's insurance to make sure that you have adequate coverage for the move. It is also wise to make sure that the movers have coverage for any damage that occurs.

Keep Important Papers With You

Documents like birth certificates, bank records, closing papers, phone lists, current bills, school records and any other sensitive information should be moved with you. Never allow this information to get on the moving truck.

Personal Boxes

Pack brightly colored boxes for each member of the family so that it is easily identifiable when you get to your new home in The Woodlands. Items such as towels, sheets, extension cords, pens and paper, nightlights and so on will be easily accessible for each member of your family if it is setup this way.

Lighten Your Load

You need to ask yourself if you really need everything that you have. Consider the new home that you just purchased in The Woodlands and see if it will really be needed there. If not, here are a few tips to shed unneeded items.
  • Have a garage sale. If you price items at a fair price, you will be done by noon.
  • Clothes, books and other items that may benefit others should be donated
  • Throw away the junk!
  • If you have larger, big ticket items to sell, do so early in the process. You do want to get caught trying to sell these items at the last minute.
  • Eat the food. There is no need to have a stockpile of food that has to be moved. Plan what you have left and eat as much of it as you can prior to moving.
  • Take great care in the disposal of old paint, pesticides, flammables, and hazardous goods. These must be disposed of properly and the sooner you do it, the less you have to worry about it on moving day.
  • Be sure to thoroughly empty any fuels and oils from lawn equipment.


The job of packing is like putting a giant jigsaw puzzle together. Here are some tips to make the moving puzzle easier.
  • Buy a good tape gun and rolls of good packing tape.
  • Use plastic sheeting and sturdy garbage bags to protect your items from dirt and debris. Be sure to use garbage bags that are a different color than your trash bags.
  • Get a package of colored labels for marking boxes to let the movers know which room of your new home in The Woodlands that it goes to. Also, be sure to mark boxes with “Fragile” or “This Side Up” if necessary.
  • Get the hunt going for boxes of special sizes for odd sized items that need to be packed.
  • Try and pack boxes that are same size. This makes loading the truck easier and provides protection to your items.
  • Do not over pack boxes. Boxes are designed to deal with a certain amount of weight and overloading them could cause the box to break during the moving process.
  • Be sure to wrap dressers and cabinets with tape to prevent drawers from opening during the move. Use cardboard between the furniture and the tape to protect the surface.
  • Take towels, blankets and other items to make padding for delicate items.
  • Disassemble items like lamps to conserve on space in the truck and pack accordingly.
  • If you need to disassemble any furniture, put the screws, bolts and any other hardware in a plastic bag and tape it to the underside of the furniture. This will help you find them when you are ready to set it up in your new home in The Woodlands.
  • Utilizing specialty packing is a good idea for things like dishes and other fragile items. This packing material is a little more expensive, but it will help prevent damage during the move.

Take Stock

It is a very good idea to take an inventory of your possessions. In the event of damage, you will know what you had and be able to work with insurance companies easier. One of the best suggestions is to take pictures or videos of valuable items as well as noting their condition. It is also helpful to talk to your insurance agent to make sure that you have Replacement Insurance that will adequately cover the cost of your items. Also, keep your important contact numbers and shipping information handy.


Just remember, the better you pack the truck, the safer your valuables will be. Keep a watchful eye on the loading no matter if you are using professionals or friends. Make sure all boxes are packed in the truck snugly. Use spare cardboard, paper, plastic or even cushions to fill spaces preventing boxes from shifting. Be sure to use ropes or straps to secure larger items in place.

One Last Look

Always go through your house to see if you missed anything. Here are some commonly missed things:
  • Check all closets, drawers and cupboards.
  • Look in the attic for any missed items.
  • Check the garage for any items that were missed.
  • Look to make sure all appliances are unplugged
  • Prop the refrigerator door open.
  • Shut the water off at the outside water supply point.

Stay Sane

It is very important to allow for time to rest during the moving process. Be sure to get a lot sleep at night and drink plenty of water to to keep hydrated. This rest and hydration will keep you in top form preventing possible errors in judgment.

On The Road

One of the most important things that you can do for the move is to pack up a survival kit for at least the first few days that you are in your new home in The Woodlands. This survival kit should include toiletries, any medication that you need, a couple of days of clothes, basic tools, a flashlight, paper products, utensils, garbage bags, and other useful and important supplies. It is better to be safe than sorry, so carefully figure out what you will need for a couple of days in your new home.

Getting Settled

One of the best procedures that you can do when you get into your new home in The Woodlands is to start out with the basics. Set up with rooms with necessities first. Do not go and try and set it up perfectly on the first day. It will make the life of you and your family easier if you get beds and necessary items set up and go back later to perfect each room. This tact will make it useable and comfortable for all.

If you have pets that have gone through the move, be sure to spend some time with them as they are now in a strange, new environment and may be need special attention in order to feel comfortable. Play with them and walk them around the house and let them explore and know where things are. Show them the area that they are now expected to go to the bathroom as well.

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