About The Woodlands Realty

Allison and Jamie Yancy, and family of The Woodlands Realty
Benjamin Franklin once said “necessity is the mother of invention” and this would certainly hold true with our company in many ways. Our journey begins with Jamie and I looking to purchase our first home. Jamie and I were working with one of the big franchise real estate companies, and as any first time home buyer does – we were asking a lot of questions and I am sure driving the realtor a little crazy. After a few weeks we both began to feel like we were getting lost in the shuffle. Our purchase was not a large amount and the agent seemed more focused on showing us her company’s listings instead of the ones we were interested in seeing. Over dinner one night Jamie asked me “Why don’t you go get your real estate license”? The thought had never entered my mind but I did enjoy looking at homes and learning a lot about the industry. I decided to get in the business and worked during the week for a local realtor at a big company and as a leasing agent for an apartment complex on the weekends - all while going to real estate school.  Looking back now those were some long days but in my heart I loved helping people and I enjoyed the business. After becoming licensed I went to work for one of the big firms. And my first sale? Of course was the first place that Jamie and I would call home. The next sale just happened to be a branch manager of one of the biggest title companies. She had closed hundreds of millions of dollars with every big name agent in the business and for some reason asked me to help her buy a home. I will always remember and be thankful.
Jamie decided to obtain his license while working for Mitsui (one of the largest companies in the world) and we would spend hours together coming up with ways to market ourselves to potential buyers. The internet was just beginning to come on the scene and computers were the most hated invention by Realtors. Every Realtor was afraid that buyers would find their own homes and not need a realtor. The buyers we were working with would always complain that they did not have the ability to see all of the homes for sale at one place. So we began registering every domain name imaginable and began creating the first web sites in the area that compiled all of the homes listed by every company at one site. The public loved it but the big name real estate companies did not! While the big companies were raising money and creating political action committees to stop the internet we were spending money and endless hours to develop the most informative, user friendly sites available to the public. We even worked with a couple of the biggest names in the business on web development. The real estate market can change so quickly and it is difficult for the big companies to react and change accordingly to keep up with the changing world. It was obvious Jamie and I needed a smaller company with innovative ideas and one that was not afraid of change - Lake Conroe Realty was born. Over the years our little company that started as a dream has quickly grown to the largest independent firm in the area and every major award bestowed on us as a realtor we have received. But none of the awards or recognition is as rewarding as the kind comments, friends and relationship we have developed over the years. Through the years many of our clients have asked that we help them buy and sell homes in both the northern and southern parts of Montgomery County Texas. Our Lake Conroe Realty web site has become the pinnacle of agent and agency web sites for our area and is visited by more visitors than any other local site on the web. The Woodlands Realty and our web sites thewoodlandsrealty.com and thewoodlandshomes.com bring even better technology and information to home purchasers looking to find homes for sale and information about The Woodlands. Our agents are even more helpful and we are always available to answer question, give guidance and show you the homes that you want to see. Our support staff  all hold college degrees from major universities. They are licensed realtors, spouses, parents, neighbors, and most importantly friends. It’s by far the most qualified and organized generous hearted group of people we have ever worked with anywhere. It’s been over a decade since we sold that first home to ourselves and received the first online visitor to our web site. Hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate in Montgomery County both residential and commercial have passed through our company. We treat every potential client as a future neighbor and lifelong friends.  It’s what sets us apart.

“We never forget where we came from and how we got here”

We hope you will rely on The Woodlands Realty and think of us as the local company with local knowledge and the best service.

We look forward to assisting you soon!

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To have a personal showing of the homes available in The Woodlands or to have us professionally market a home that you want to sell, please call us today at 832-541-5923. One of our experienced real estate professionals will be more than glad to assist you. You can also reach us with any questions that you have about The Woodlands through our Contact Us page.